Heels on Wheels

Bağımsız medya kuruluşu Al Monitor‘dan gazeteci Pınar Tremblay, Süslü Kadınlar Bisiklet Turu ile ilgili Sema Gür ve Pınar Pinzuti ile birlikte çok güzel bir yazı hazırladı.

Heels on Wheels –  Women Rock in Turkey

The Chic Women’s Bicycle Tour kicked off Sept. 20 in 10 Turkish cities. The call for participants, made through various social media outlets, stated, “This women’s activity is organized by women for women.” The cycling activists calling themselves Suslu Kadinlar (Chic Women) described the event as “independent, commercial free, without politicians, and free for all.” They invited everyone to join. The bicycle tour was held for the third time in conjunction with the annual Car Free Cities Day, an initiative organized as part of the European Union’s “Mobility Week” activities. The Chic Women’s tour attracted the most attention from the public, and photos from the event help explain why.

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chic women cycling tour